Hi there – my name is Tricia (or Trish, I don’t mind which!). I’m happily married with an almost six year old son. I work full time so I use my evenings after the little one has gone to bed to play with my stash. I’ve been crafting for a few years now, I started out as a scrapbooker as I had so many photo’s from our trips to Disneyworld in Florida that I wanted something a bit more interesting to do with them than just stick them in a photo album. I diversified into card making after I had my little boy as I find that cards are a lot quicker to get  your crafty fix when you don’t have too much time! I completed a Project Life album in 2013, took 2014 off and hope to start that again for 2015!

My latest hobby is baking, mostly cupcakes, thanks to the KitchenAid I received for my birthday present this year. I make at least one batch per week so I can practice my piping 😉

I love to spend my evenings tinkering away in my craft room, surfing the web for inspiration, stamping and cutting and generally making a mess!

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